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Conductor gauge reference table

Shenzhen Qin Technology Co. Ltd. copper network cable overview:

1) What type of copper network cable can we provide?

2) What is the main type of regular copper network cable and custom network cable?

3) What is the manufacturing process for the copper network cable?

4) Production MOQ and delivery?

5) What happens when copper raw material pricing fluctuates too much?


1) Shenzhen Qin Technology produces copper network cable with a wide range from Cat3 multi pair, Cat5e 4 pairs, Cat6 4 pairs, Cat6a 4 pairs and Cat7 4 pairs copper network cable.

2) Matin types of network cable we produce:

A. Cat5e: Cat5e UTP/ Cat5e FTP/ Cat5e SFTP/ Cat5e double jacket outdoor, in PVC and LSZH jacket.

B. Cat6: Cat6UTP/ Cat6FTP/ Cat6SFTP/ Cat6 double jacket outdoor, in PVC and LSZH jacket.

C. Cat6a: Cat6a UFTP/ Cat6a FFTP/ Cat6a SFTP/ Cat6a SFFTP, in PVC and LSZH jacket.

D. Cat7: Cat7 UFTP/ Cat7 FFTP/ Cat7 SFTP/ Cat7 SFFTP, in PVC and LSZH jacket.

E. Custom network cable: against the quality requirement and packing requirement of each customer.

Quality level A: Bare copper conductor passing Fluke test;

Quality level B: Common copper conductor not passing Fluke test;

Quality level C: CCAG conductor passing Fluke test;

Quality level D: CCA conductor not passing Fluke test;

3) Copper network cable production process:

A: Raw material ordering: Jacket material in different color/ conductor stocking

B: Jacket injection & conductor HDPE insulation process

C: Pair twisting and back-withdraw collecting process

D: Shielding application (Foils/ braided shielding etc.)

E: Rolling and cutting and packaging process

Type of packing:

A: 305m pull-box packing (for soft cables)

B: 500m plastic reel or wooden reel packing (For hard shielded cables)

4) MOQ and delivery:

As our minimum jacket raw material ordering is for 10000meters qtys, our MOQ will be 10000m in general, however, according to different type of categories of cable, we have flexible MOQ limit:

For UTP cables: 100 rolls MOQ

For SFTP cables: 50 rolls or 100 rolls MOQ

Delivery: 30 days.

5) Copper material fluctuation and final pricing of the cables:

Our copper network cable is prices against the copper material price, according to the raw material price, our final pricing will be change accordingly, whenever the raw material prices changes within the scope of RMB500 yuan per ton, our pricing will be staying the same, otherwise, our pricing will be changed accordingly.